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All Wig Orders Take 7-14 Business Days Unless It Is A Ready To Ship. Those Ship Next Business Day.

How We Can Help You

As a wig business, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality wigs that not only look amazing, but also gives you the confidence to take on the world. We believe in the power of a good wig and how it can help to transform ones look and life. Our goal is to make sure each customer leaves with a wig that makes them feel beautiful, empowered and confident.


A Little More

At Jst Diamond Collection LLC, we specialize in custom-fitted wigs that make you look and feel beautiful. We use the highest quality hair and materials, so when you brush your wig, the hair stays where it should. Our custom fitting ensures that your wig looks natural and stays in place for the duration of your wear. We understand how important it is to look and feel your best, and we’re here to help you do just that.


Wig Collection

Tired of wasting your hard earn money on wigs that are thin and aren’t built to last ? Let us guide you into the right path.


B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bundles)

Have bundles paired with a closure or frontal already and want a wig made? Click the button and we can get started on your custom made wig today.


Wig Transformation

Have wig already and it’s balding like crazy? Don’t throw it away just yet, let us fix it up. Click the button now and start the process.

Not only do we create custom made wigs, we provide classes to teach you how to make them as well.




How To Start A Wig Business Ebook

Looking to start a wig business but don’t know where to start ? This ebook will be a great guide for you.


Wig Guide Ebook

New to wigs and need a blueprint on wigs? How to care for them, difference in lace, difference in hair quality and so much more. Read this ebook for clarification.

Grow Longer, Fuller Hair with Our Hair Growth Oil

This Hair Growth Oil is specifically formulated to promote hair growth and nourish the scalp. It contains natural ingredients like castor oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil that work together to hydrate and strengthen hair follicles, as well as reduce dandruff and scalp itchiness. With this oil, you can expect to see thicker, stronger, and healthier hair. Enjoy beautiful hair growth without sacrificing your wig collection.


What Our GEMS Have To Say


I love this wig it’s the best it’s so natural looking and the hair is great no shedding I love it I was the first person to wear Mia. The wig smelt sooo good when it came and the packaging was beautiful I have purchased two wigs from her I will definitely be purchasing more.


This is the best curly hair I’ve ever had. Absolutely no shedding and you don’t have to get it wet or condition it between wears like most curly hair. I love it


I worn my wig this past week for my trip to Jamaica and it was amazing! This hair quality is so good, the curls always looked amazing. I was able to swim, go on water slides, jet skis, snorkeling and my wig stayed on my head for it all. Someone even told me they thought it was glued down how well it stayed on. I will definitely be purchasing more wigs from Diamond. Amazing job I love her so much.

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